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Vistory responds to the call from the President of the Republic

Vistory répond à l'appel du Président de la République

The upheaval caused by the war in Ukraine and the global need for rearmament have led Emmanuel Macron to call on France’s defence industry to make a sustained effort to produce more and faster to meet the challenges imposed by geopolitical change.
With the aim of moving to a “war economy” and supporting our industry, 3D printing can provide an agile response to the need for spare parts, particularly for the production of unavailable or obsolete references.

Farnborough International live demonstration

Vistory, Démonstration live Farnborough International

On Wednesday 3 April, at the Farnborough International in Silverstone, we had the honour of presenting to the UK Government the fruits of our collaboration with our partners Babcock International Group & Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC) to safely produce spare parts to meet the needs of armed forces, both overseas and on the frontline, and industry partners wherever they may be.

How Additive Manufacturing is Transforming  Production

Fabrication à la demande, impression 3D , VIstory,

How Additive Manufacturing is Transforming Production Introduction You’ve probably heard of additive manufacturing, but do you really know what it is? Also known as 3D printing, this fascinating technology is constantly evolving. In this article, we’ll explore together how additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the world of manufacturing production. Advantages of Additive Manufacturing Mass customization One […]

Military drone: 3D printing redefines innovation

Drone militaire drone de combat impression DRONE vistory

Military drone: 3D printing redefines innovation In an ever-changing military landscape, the integration of innovative technologies is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. UAVs represent the future of modern warfare, and 3D printing is emerging as a revolutionary force in their production method. We will explore the profound impact of additive manufacturing on military drone […]

Top 7 Military Drone Developments

Vistory Drone de combat drone militaire

Top 7 Military Drone Developments Welcome to our in-depth exploration of the 7 key moments in the evolution of the military UAV since 1945. These unmanned aerial vehicles have radically transformed the way armed forces operate, evolving from rudimentary innovations to major strategic tools. Throughout this article, we will delve into the fascinating history of […]

Vistory in Noumea for SPDMM

Vistory SPDMM impression 3D

Our president, Alexandre Pédemonte, was in Nouméa this week for the SPDMM – South Pacific Defence Ministers’ Summit, organised this year by France and chaired by Mr. Sébastien Lecornu, Minister of the Armed Forces.
What’s at stake in these debates ? Analysing, anticipating & acting to work together against hybrid threats in the South Pacific

Vistory wins the Grand Prix de l’électronique Général Ferrié

Prix Général Ferrié Visory Lauréats du grand prix de l'électronique

Vistory has won the “Grand Prix de l’électronique Général Ferrié 2023” for its work on improving the reliability and certification of additive manufacturing processes for a sovereign sector.
Our solution offers a trusted approach to protecting intellectual property and ensuring the traceability and security of the production of 3D printed parts.

L’instant Cyber

L'instant cyber Vistory Impression 3D

We were presents at the Instant Cyber event, organized by the Golfe of Morbihan – Vannes agglomeration and university Bretagne Sud. This event was the november 30th on the Tohannic campus of the university of Bretagne Sud at Vannes in France.
It was an opportunity for us to present our solutions for secure distributed production to the public in Vannes, as well as showcasing the region’s dynamic approach to cyber issues.

MOD’s Additive Manufacturing at Silverstone

MOD’s Additive Manufacturing Vistory impression 3D

During this event, we discussed the significant progress made in 3D printing this year, driving the use of additive manufacturing within the Defence supply chain.
We had the opportunity to demonstrate the secure digital chain developed by Vistory, the rapid production of hard-to-get Land Rover parts by Babcock International Group, illustrating how defence can learn from other sectors such as motorsport / automobile sports.


Vistory PSTAT IHEDN Vinstory impression 3D

In October 2023, we were invited to the Institut des hautes études de défense nationale for a static presentation of MCO-T resources. We took this opportunity to present our Mobile Clinics and our command and control software, MainChain.