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Mobile Clinics

In-situ emergency production units


Mobile Clinics, the emergency production

Vistory’s Mobile Clinics offer, designed to respond to operational, health or climatic emergencies, enables the production of components or construction needs to be met securely and as closely as possible. The Mobiles Clinics will also respond perfectly to the challenges of accelerated production, construction or repairability that manufacturers and builders may face.

The mobile clinics are connected and driven by MainChain, which links them to a complete, autonomous and secure ecosystem for faster production. In addition to their analysis, digitisation, production and control facilities, the mobile clinics have a digital warehouse, a supply system for materials and consumables, and a design and manufacturing on-demand service, Fastrepro, which provides access to complementary manufacturing facilities. All exchanges are conducted through MainChain, ensuring full traceability and control of data integrity and usage.

Mobile Clinics, solution pour la production à la demande
Mobile Clinics, réparer et construire au plus vite pour sauver des vies
Repair and build as quickly as possible to save lives

Thanks to the Mobile Clinics and their MainChain ecosystem, the production of obsolete or inaccessible maintenance components is possible, fast and secure. Vistory's human values have naturally led to the design of Mobile Clinics dedicated to construction, 3D concrete printing and roofing for accelerated waterproofing.

Mobile Clinics, améliorer la résilience opérationnelle
Improving operational resilience

By bringing production closer to emergencies, Mobile Clinics address accessibility issues and improve local autonomy.

Mobile Clinics, répondre à l’urgence opérationnelle de façon sécurisée et en protégeant la propriété industrielle
Responding to operational emergencies in a secure manner and protecting industrial property

With MainChain, all internal and external operations of the Mobile Clinics are recorded, ensuring data integrity and allowing certification of the manufacturing process and control of usage (printing).


Customer benefits

The importance of being able to produce spare parts quickly and locally is crucial in health, climate and conflict emergencies. This helps to maintain the continuity of vital activities, limit economic disruption and reduce strategic dependencies. The ability to produce spare parts locally can also contribute to the resilience and security of production and distribution systems.

Getting equipment back into service quickly

The Mobile Clinics, and in particular the Optimus Prime version, are installed close to emergency situations in order to produce spare parts as quickly as possible to shorten the downtime of equipment and vehicles. The MediPrime and BubbleBIM versions will be able to produce medical devices and build shelters for people and stocks.

Benefit from a full and secure service

The Mobile Clinics, driven by MainChain, are thus connected to a complete ecosystem providing access to a range of design services, procurement or complementary production solutions to address any situation in the shortest possible time.

Monitoring compliance with contracts

With the MainChain operating system, designers are assured of full control over the use of their industrial property. The trust provided by the system makes exchanges between contract parties simpler and faster for a secure response to emergencies.

Becoming more autonomous

Thanks to the Mobile Clinics, which are positioned as close as possible to the production of components, medical devices or the construction of robust emergency shelters, local intervention teams gain autonomy and benefit from a complete ecosystem at their fingertips.


Produce as close as possible to repair as quickly as possible

Mobile Clinics enable the fastest possible production of parts to restore critical equipment using in-situ processes. Industrial property owners are an integral part of this MainChain-secured ecosystem. They can monitor compliance with their industrial property and related contractual elements. The security of technical data integrity and control of manufacturing process compliance are essential for legal liability. In case of inaccessibility of the owner of the industrial property, FastRepro’s design department can develop and qualify substitute parts that allow to extend the life of an equipment to respond to the emergency.

The Mobile Clinics are connected to a digital warehouse of pre-qualified parts. With FastRepro’s design services, this digital warehouse continues to grow.


A complete offer to meet production and repair needs

Mobile Clinics provide a secure and close response to component production and construction needs. Comprised of 2 containers with distinct purposes, this offer makes it possible to securely produce any type of component, anywhere, at anytime.


Production Container

KC20 High Cube
Command & Control System: MainChain

  • Metal additive production means
  • Heat treatment tools
  • Machining tools
  • Post-treatment tools
  • Scan & BE

    Scan & BE Container

    KC20 High Cube
    Command & control System: MainChain

  • Scanning capacity
  • Polymer additive manufacturing production resources: 3 plastic-specific 3D printers
  • A complete offer
    over 5 years

  • MCO & MCS maintenance
  • Initial training
  • Support service
  • Manufacturer's warranty

    A modular offer with various production materials available: PLA, 316L, Ceramic, 17-4PH, Inconel 718, Titanium, etc.

    Emergency production to save lives

    Speed, safety, autonomy, security


    Find out more?

    The Vistory team offers you a presentation of the Mobile Clinics, in video or in our offices in Vélizy-Villacoublay (78), Vannes (56), Bourges (18) or Toulouse (31). Don’t wait to book your time!