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Securing operational emergency management


Vistory working for national resilience and autonomy

The MainChain journey began in 2019 with the French Army Staff (EMAT) and the Integrated Structure for the Maintenance of Land Equipment (SIMMT) as part of their feasibility tests for additive manufacturing in external operations.

The benefits for the Ministry of the Armed Forces are numerous: supply times are reduced from six to one week, production can be done on demand, on site or or more locally, with short transport times. This meets the target set by the French Military Planning Law to increase equipment availability by 5%.

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Augmenter la disponibilité technique opérationnelle
Increasing technical operational availability

Vistory supports maintenance units in finding solutions for remanufacturing obsolete parts required for the use of materials and equipment.

Simplifier le maintien en condition opérationnelle
Simplifying maintenance in operational condition

Parts are ordered via a secure digital warehouse by MainChain. The FastRepro service allows the reverse engineering of parts to be added to the system.

Garantir la souveraineté industrielle et la résilience
Ensuring industrial sovereignty and resilience

With the Mobile Clinics and soon the Cybertron factory, Vistory brings manufacturing closer to the need. Producing on demand, just what is needed and on site.


Solutions for a secure integration of on-demand production

Vistory supports your industrial transition to a more cost-effective and sustainable production, based on the customers’ real needs. From designing your first part to integrating a secure on-demand distributed production ecosystem, Vistory assists you step by step.


The operating system, industry 5.0 trusted third party
  • Decentralisation of the production chain
  • Protection of industrial property
  • Production at the right volume, close to the customer
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    Mobile Clinics

    Mobile emergency production units
  • Produce maintenance parts as close to the emergency as possible
  • Gain in operational autonomy
  • Help insure your industrial property in all circumstances
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    Production of unavailable parts
  • On demand production
  • Any source: 2D/3D files, used or broken parts
  • Delivery within 3 weeks
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    Production of unavailable parts
  • Containerisation of production
  • Mobile production units
  • Industry on demand
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    Vistory, supporting the armed forces to simplify maintenance in operational condition (MCO).

    When the armed forces discovered the potential of additive manufacturing to solve their maintenance problems, particularly in external operations, they were quickly confronted with the issue of security and industrial property rights of the industry. Since then, Vistory has been working with the Ministry of the Armed Forces on various projects to secure its move towards distributed production.

    Use case Fleet Support Service

    The French Navy secures 3D printing data exchange to enhance operational support on field

    Use case SIMMT

    The French Army decentralises the production of parts thanks to the 1st Blockchain in overseas operations

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