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Vistory selected for the « First Factory » scheme


What is the « First Factory » scheme?

The aim of the #France2030 «First Factory» scheme is to accelerate the transformation of key sectors of our economy through innovation and to position France not just as a player, but as a ‘leader’ in the world of tomorrow.

Aimed at start-ups and innovative SMEs in the industrial sector, this programme helps to accelerate the development of high-potential projects, thereby paving the way for the future of French industry.

Vistory wins the award - what does this mean for the company?

This financial support from the French government will enable us to move forward with our project, which involves producing mobile additive manufacturing units in France, in the Bourges region, to manufacture spare parts as close to the point of need as possible. – Cybertron

Vistory is aiming to reduce equipment downtime, cut carbon footprints and dormant stocks, and offer the possibility of developing new business models (moving from selling parts to selling printing rights) with its turnkey offering: Mobile Clinics.

Our units are managed by our MainChain system, which provides remote control of all operations and immutable traceability, ensuring secure use of intellectual property and guaranteeing compliance with the qualified process.


We would like to thank the local and national players for their unfailing support:

  • CCI du Cher
  • DEV’UP
  • La Région Centre-Val de Loire
  • Communauté d’agglomération Bourges Plus
  • Préfecture du Cher Préfecture de la région Centre-Val de Loire et du Loiret
  • Coralie Outreville
  • Estelle MINARD
  • Nina Quelenis
  • François Cormier Bouligeon
  • Loic Kervran,
  • Simon Abraham,
  • Irène Félix
  • Yann Galut
  • Denis Saussereau
  • Serge Richard

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