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Vistory is a software publishing company specialized in digital trust created in 2015 by 3 associates, and has now become a “new generation” industrial SME.

Based on its experience in the deployment of secure additive manufacturing within the Ministry of the Armed Forces, Vistory has decided to make this revolutionary process available to everyone. To do so, the company has developed an innovative approach to industry based on resilience, production on demand, trust and proximity to the customer.

This exceptional adventure began with the development of a revolutionary operating system: MainChain. Thanks to it, Vistory has become a trusted third party dedicated to cloud production through the unique combination of its private blockchain and innovative production technologies such as additive manufacturing. MainChain is able to manage data protection, asset and production traceability within a digitized supply chain.

In this way, our company addresses the major challenges of intellectual property, production relocation and flexibility, supply chain vulnerability and decarbonization of industrial processes.

Involvement and cohesion

Beyond technologies, we believe in collective intelligence, a combination of team spirit and individual talent, convinced that it contributes to transforming and advancing the world in a sustainable way. We are convinced that collective intelligence is a guarantee of performance for the company. This is why we encourage teamwork and initiative, while listening to our employees and trying to give substance to their proposals.

Transparency and fairness

Our approach is to respect the confidentiality of our clients and employees. Ethics and transparency are essential and undisputed mechanisms for creating value and maintaining the trust of customers and employees alike. That is why we design each of our products and organise our teamwork around these core values.

Courage and boldness

We are committed to expressing our views and acting for change and progress. We push the boundaries of what is possible, boldly, with the aim of innovating and offering our customers new, more efficient, faster and greener ways of doing business.


"Perfection is not an option"

Our DNA : bringing confidence to the digital world

Our decisions and actions are guided by our integrity (keeping our word, sincerity, honesty, respect for people, etc.), wich is at the heart of the trust we build with our clients, employees and partners.
Reactivity and customer satisfaction
Anticipating the needs of the makets and responding quickly to their demands is an absolute necessity. Being responsive also means being mobile, being committed to necessary reforms and being able to adapt to change. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective and our guilding principle
We are constantly improving our customer relations by taking advantage of technological innovations, acting together to adapt our solutions and practices to tomorrow's uses. True to our entrepreneurial spirit, we are transforming our ways of working, innovating by cultivating sharing, experimentation and breakthrough thinking. We learn from our successes and failures.
Circular economy, fight against programmed obsolescence, reduction of carbon production and materials consumed are all reasons that guide Vistory in the development of its solutions, particularly to facilitate and secure the use of 3D printing.
Employee well-being
Vistory is particularly committed to promoting equity and gender equality among employees, in particular to encourage the integration of women into the software industry. As a signatory of the "Parental Act" charter and offering a creche reservation services, Vistory wants to help its employees reconcile their professional and private lives. Deeply convinced that social justice and the development of each individual depend on having a roof over one's head, Vistory is also very committed to the fight against poor housing and provides its new employees with the support that will enable them to integrate well and enjoy a better quality of life, notably by opening sites in the provinces.
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