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Vistory, a trusted partner of insurers

The impact of production interruptions on business insurance can be significant, especially when these are prolonged. By enabling the production of spare parts, unavailable through traditional channels, to restart production equipment, or by offering the use of alternative local products for the repair of buildings and homes, Vistory reduces the amount of insurance claims. The accumulation of information resulting from the deployment of the MainChain solution provides a huge opportunity for data exploitation, which can be used to develop new products and services.

Vistory, partenaire de confiance des assureurs
Diminuer les indemnités liés aux arrêts de production vistory
Reducing compensation for production interruptions

FastRepro enables the design and production of alternative parts to unavailable components, thereby allowing timely restart of a production line. MainChain capitalises on interventions by building a secure digital warehouse that is accessible on demand.

Proposer de nouveaux services Vistory, impression 3D
Providing new services

From the reproduction of unavailable parts to the implementation of mobile production units, Vistory assists in the development of services to meet any emergency event.

Développer de nouveaux produits et modèles économiques Vistory impression 3D
Developing new products and business models

MainChain enables the control, certification and storage of all data related to the execution of a contract, such as the production of a spare part. The information gathered throughout the process is a valuable source of marketing information that can be monetised.


Solutions for a secure integration of on-demand production

Vistory supports your industrial transition to a more cost-effective and sustainable production, based on the customers’ real needs. From designing your first part to integrating a secure on-demand distributed production ecosystem, Vistory assists you step by step.


The operating system, industry 5.0 trusted third party
  • Decentralisation of the production chain
  • Protection of industrial property
  • Production at the right volume, close to the customer
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    Mobile Clinics

    Mobile emergency production units
  • Produce maintenance parts as close to the emergency as possible
  • Gain in operational autonomy
  • Help ensure your industrial property in all circumstances
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    Production of unavailable parts
  • On demand production
  • Any source: 2D/3D files, used or broken parts
  • Delivery within 3 weeks
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    Production of unavailable parts
  • Containerisation of production
  • Mobile production units
  • Industry on demand
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    Use cases for insurance

    Difficulties in procuring spare parts to repair equipment can lead to heavy operating losses. On-demand manufacturing, including 3D printing, allows for the remanufacturing of parts that will enable a timely return to service. MainChain helps ensure compliance with the qualified production process as well as data integrity, traceability and accessibility.

    Machine breakdown

    Repairing unavailable parts as quickly as possible

    3D printing allows parts to be manufactured, in a wide range of materials, without the need for tooling.

    The combination of additive manufacturing and Mainchain, supported by FastRepro's engineering and manufacturing services, enables:
  • Reduced spare parts supply times
  • Reduced equipment downtime and thus operational losses
  • Reduced compensation

    And ultimately, satisfied and loyal customers
  • Auxiliary production circuit

    Implement an alternative production solution to ensure business continuity

    Vistory supports the establishment of qualified auxiliary production lines

    MainChain helps ensure traceability and protection of industrial property. The implementation of an alternative production circuit, based on a decentralised and secured production, allows:
  • Continuity of essential customer deliveries
  • Maintenance of customer service
  • Possibility of use for the production of maintenance parts
  • Reduced compensation

    And ultimately, satisfied and loyal customers
  • Actuarial

    Benefit from the extensive source of certified data from MainChain to develop new insurance products.

    MainChain ensures that all data is captured at each stage of the production contract

    The analysis of this data will enable improved risk management. MainChain's ability to capture, validate and certify data will provide a reliable resource database:
  • Reliable regardless of the source of the captured data
  • Multiple: collection of production and environmental data, and materials and logistics certificates
  • Objectified, structured, certified, providing a very useful resource for actuarial purposes
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