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Vistory responds to the call from the President of the Republic

3D printing in support of industry

The upheaval caused by the war in Ukraine and the global need for rearmament have prompted Emmanuel Macron to call on France’s defence industry to make a sustained effort to produce more and faster to meet the challenges imposed by geopolitical change.

With the aim of moving to a “war economy” and supporting our industry, 3D printing can provide an agile response to the need for spare parts, particularly for the production of unavailable or obsolete references. This war economy is disrupting industry and forcing it to reinvent itself, but it is also creating a huge amount of value here in France (patents, processes, products), bringing new uses and offering greater resilience to our industries and our country.

Vistory expands its activities at the Bourges site

Vistory, a new-generation industrial SME, is to expand its industrial activity in Bourges by setting up a production plant for its Mobile Clinics, projectable production units. By increasing its production area from 400 to 2,000m2, Vistory will be able to increase its production rate and meet today’s challenges.

With its factory project, supported by the SGPI, the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the Presidency as part of the “First Factory – France 2030” call for projects, Vistory is ready to act beyond France’s borders to provide support in the theatre of operations.

The Mobiles Clinics enable us to produce emergency and replacement parts in polymer, metal and ceramics as close as possible to where they are needed. The special feature of these mobile units is the command and control system that drives them: MainChain. Thanks to this unique system, based on a blockchain, Vistory not only enables parts to be produced and made available in a reduced time, but also provides a response to safety requirements. MainChain provides total and unchanging traceability of operations and processes, protecting intellectual property and guaranteeing production quality thanks to the digital twin.

Strengthening our BITD and the sovereignty of French industry

Vistory also offers a range of services, FastRepro, for the design of parts for 3D printing, the optimised creation of digital warehouses and the production of parts using additive manufacturing.

In addition to the intrinsic solutions provided by Vistory, this new plant demonstrates our commitment to France and will help to create 30 new skilled jobs, develop our DTIB and ensure the sovereignty of our industry.

We would like to thank the Ministry of the Armed Forces, the General Secretariat for Investment and the French Presidency for their support, and look forward to seeing you at Eurosatory to find out more about our products and services, as well as a duplex with a live demo.


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