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Farnborough International live demonstration

Demonstration alongside Babcock and DMC

On Wednesday 3 April, at the Farnborough International in Silverstone, we had the honour of presenting to the UK Government the fruits of our collaboration with our partners Babcock International Group & Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC) to safely produce spare parts to meet the needs of armed forces, both overseas and on the frontline, and industry partners wherever they may be.

During the presentation, we launched the manufacture of a component live from the Babcock stand, using MainChain, our command and control system, to instruct a DMC printer to start production.

Vistory, Démonstration live Farnborough International
MainChain, solution pour la production à la demande

MainChain, command and control system

What’s special about our system is that, from request to completion, no intellectual property or information is transferred via an operator. No chain is broken, the intellectual property of the component is secure and cannot be extracted from the printing machine at the end of the process. This process overcomes one of the biggest obstacles in this field.

With a demonstration focused on a part requested for resources given to Ukraine, the capability we are demonstrating today is therefore a credible solution to the challenges of maintaining this equipment in combat, while respecting security and assurance, and the protection of sensitive information.

Our system’s ability to secure technical and commercial transactions is unique.

Vistory takes part in the Tampa project

As active members of the strategic command acceleration programme known as Project Tampa, Vistory, Babcock International Group and Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC) have invested time, money and resources to create something new, aligned with the UK Ministry of Defence strategy.

This collaboration between Babcock, Vistory and the Digital Manufacturing Centre is a fantastic example of innovation within the defence supply chain; the ability to securely transmit digital print files for remote production while protecting the intellectual property rights of the design authority will revolutionise the speed at which we can keep our platforms and equipment available. 

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