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FastRepro, the repairability solution

In 2022, Vistory decided to make additive manufacturing accessible to all thanks to its years of experience in the sector.
FastRepro.com assists individuals and professionals in the creation of 3D parts thanks to its mechanical engineering design team.
Which material? Which technology? A feasibility study? We are here to help. With FastRepro, 3D printing is within reach.

FastRepro, solution pour la production à la demande Vistory
FastRepro, une réponse à l'indisponibilité
An answer to unavailability

FastRepro help ensure that parts are always available. It also provides a solution to a supplier's inability to deliver a part in a timely manner. 3D printing allows you to buy and produce only the part you need and thus pay only for what you need.

FastRepro, gagner en résilience
Increased flexibility

FastRepro has built up an extensive network of partners, offering a wide range of materials and technologies. This means that every project, even the most complex ones, can be met with a suitable and adequate response. We do everything possible to provide quality parts at the best price. To achieve this, no exclusivity contract is required, which offers total freedom in the resolution of projects.

FastRepro, accéder à un réseau d'experts
The expertise of professionals

Thanks to years of experience in the field of 3D printing, passionate teams assist professionals and individuals in their design projects. Each request is different and requires a personalised response. FastRepro is committed to guiding its customers towards the best choice, and thus quickly solving unavailability and obsolescence problems.


Customer benefits

Additive manufacturing is part of a sustainable production approach, as close as possible to the customer’s real needs. 3D printing is a gateway to on-demand manufacturing. The resilience and speed of manufacturing make these technologies perfectly suited to bespoke production. FastRepro allows you to reproduce the part you want from the elements you have.

A solution against obsolescence

Producing with fluctuating needs

Additive manufacturing offers a new capability to extend the life of equipment. When demand no longer justifies maintaining a conventional production line, with FastRepro you can produce on demand and fight against obsolescence.

On-demand production

Producing only what is needed

On-demand production allows to control the supply flow, with a reduced time and number of operators between the order and the delivery. It also leads to a significant reduction in the security risks involvedin a disorganised environment.

Localised production

Reduced logistical costs and environmental impact

FastRepro offers a tangible solution for local production, as close as possible to each customer's needs. This solution leads to a reduction in logistical costs, with only "last mile delivery", but also to a total control of the supply chain.

Circular economy

Fighting obsolescence and extending the life of equipment

FastRepro allows the production of maintenance parts that are no longer available, obsolete or out of stock, which will allow equipment to be put back into service rather than replaced. The commercial offer of suppliers often imposes the purchase of a complete function to replace one component. With FastRepro, you only replace the defective part!


Your first step towards 3D printing

FastRepro, the gateway to on-demand manufacturing and 3D printing.

You can count on our team’s expertise to support your project. During all stages of engineering and production, we advise and guide you to get your parts as quickly as possible.


Additive manufacturing for industrial maintenance

Before integrating additive manufacturing into its maintenance operations, a company faces the following issues: spare part shortages, reliance on a third party supplier, overstocking of parts, extended delivery times, and a production-focused market. All of these issues are resolved with the integration of additive manufacturing.

Consumer needs are at the centre of Industry 5.0 principles. Additive manufacturing offers sustainable and on-demand production methods. As such, an adapted response can be provided to each project.
The supply chain model is being redefined. The autonomy provided by additive manufacturing allows for total control over maintenance and thus increases flexibility and independence.
Additive manufacturing prevents the accumulation of unused parts and redundant orders. The production of maintenance parts is therefore closer to the real needs of a company. Responsiveness in the maintenance chain is also increased. It allows to quickly obtain parts that were previously unavailable or impossible to find.


Proof by example

The solution to obsolescence and repair, shorter supply times, on-demand production and FastRepro, the combination for a new approach to industry.


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