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To respond to current challenges faced by society and the economy, Vistory provides a trusted access to local and sustainable production.

Production à la demande avec Vistory


Building technology bridges for a secure industry 5.0

From cybersecurity software publisher to next generation industrial company, a natural evolution for Vistory. By dedicating our MainChain solution to industrial supply chain securing, we have developed expertise in additive manufacturing. This dual expertise now allows us to develop a complete industrial offer, secured by our private blockchain.


Vistory’s business since 2015, our customer experiences have allowed us to apply our expertise to the industrial sector.

Additive manufacturing

A natural specialisation: securing shared production through a distributed database.


Free yourself from dependence on external supplies, repair as quickly as possible, limit downtime.


Extend equipment lifespan, fight obsolescence, produce only what is required as close as possible.


Vistory’s expertise

Vistory SAS is an industrial 5.0 company from the digital sector. It specialises in cybersecurity software development, particularly for supply chain security. Vistory is now leveraging this expertise to provide a complete industrial offer for the on-demand production of spare parts.

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    MainChain allows to dematerialise and secure distributed manufacturing.
    Our information system guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of manufacturing data while protecting industrial property. The traceability of operations is also ensured throughout the production chain.


    Mobile Clinic

    Mobile Clinics, the manufacturing solution close to the emergency

    Mobile Clinics allow production or construction to take place as close as possible to emergency situations. Thanks Mobile Clinics, in-situ production of spare parts reduces the time needed to get equipment back into operation safely.



    FastRepro allows you to produce substitute parts for those not available or custom parts.
    FastRepro is your repairability solution. With its research unit and its network of manufacturing partners, this service allows you to reproduce, within 3 weeks, out-of-stock, obsolete or unique parts.



    Cybertron supports your industrial revolution.

    Cybertron assists your industrial on-demand production project, whatever its level of maturity. From the mobile containerised production unit, to test the process and technology, to the modular turnkey facility, Vistory supports you throughout your industrial transformation to meet the societal and environmental challenges of our time. 


    Disruptive innovation for maintenance

    Our MainChain operating system has been awarded in several competitions for its technological contribution to the development of the distributed industry and the innovation it brings to the secure management of the additive manufacturing supply chain and industrial property.


    The Grand Prix de l’Électronique “Général Ferrié” has been awarded every year since 1963. It is awarded to an engineer or scientist whose work has made a significant contribution to advances in information and communication systems, including their energy aspects.


    Vistory lauréats du concours Créateurs d'Avenir

    Competition co-organised by the “Berry républicain”, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Cher department and Bourges Plus – Vistory was the winner of the “Innovative company” category


    Vistory lauréats du concours Techinov

    The Techinnov competition, organised by the Essonne CCI and the Paris Île-de-France CCI, highlights the latest innovations and provides support to winning companies with major French groups such as MBDA and Airbus


    Vistory lauréats concours Jayat

    The MCO-T (Maintenance in Operational Conditions – Land) innovation competition organised by the SIMMT (Integrated Structure for the Maintenance of Land Equipment)


    Vistory lauréats du concours Defstart

    Support programme for start-up operating or wishing to grow in the defence and security sectors organised by the Bourges Plus agglomeration’s Defence Information Centre


    Distributed manufacturing: the answer to today's industrial challenges

    Today’s industrial challenges are numerous and complex. Industrial sovereignty has become a concern for many countries, which have seen the extent of their dependency during the Covid crisis and now the war in Ukraine. Sustainability is also an important issue, with the need to find a balance between economic growth and environmental preservation. Producing as close as possible to the need and only what is required are therefore two essential aspects.

    Obsolescence and unavailability

    Unavailability of spare parts can lead to production or operational interruptions and delays, undermining profitability and customer relations.
    The solution

    Industrial dependency

    The Covid crisis and the war in Ukraine have exposed our industrial deficiencies. The supply of spare parts or building materials is undermined, our economy is slowing down, our greatest adversaries are in charge.
    The solution

    Climate change

    Delocated mass production leads to energy-intensive (and expensive) transport for products that may never be used. Not to mention the soil destruction required to store the stocks received.
    The solution

    Overuse of resources

    Producing far away involves producing a lot to compensate for exploding transportation costs and to adapt to conventional production processes. Parts are partly destined to remain in costly stocks.
    The solution

    Increasing waste

    The planet is overflowing with waste and recycling is costly and energy-intensive. Destruction of unused stocks and planned obsolescence further add to the burden.
    The solution

    Significant storage costs

    Mass production requires storage space and the associated infrastructure for logistics and handling, all of which add to the value of the stored stock.
    The solution


    Vistory meets the industrial challenges of today and tomorrow

    Tailor-made support for your industrial transformation


    Organise a secure distributed production chain to produce as close as possible to the need. Develop a secure digital warehouse to reduce physical stocks.

    Mobile Clinics

    Respond to emergency supplies to maintain operational conditions, ensure continuity of service or provide shelter.


    Assist professionals and private customers in the production of unavailable or obsolete parts and thus enable equipment to be put back into service..


    Validate the integration of additive manufacturing in a production process. Develop a fast, flexible and scalable production unit designed for the industry of tomorrow.

    MainChain pour une production à la demande et distribuée

    Our secure operating system: MainChain

    Distributed production can be associated with legal and commercial risks. Managing data integrity and the traceability of all operations is an essential tool to ensure contract compliance and production quality.



    Controlling compliance with contracts and industrial property is a priority, but digital files are highly volatile. With MainChain and its BlockChain technology, information is secure and usage is recorded and accounted for.

    Certification of operations

    MainChain's information system records all operations and data in the production process, allowing the interactions of each actor in the ecosystem to be monitored at all times in an unalterable way through the blockchain;

    Data alteration

    If, despite a functioning security system, a change in manufacturing data occurs, who would be held responsible in case of failure? MainChain can detect when and where the change occurred.

    Control of the digital chain

    The data sources generated by MainChain's tracing operations provide total control over the digital chain. Each event is identified and traced to efficiently find its source.

    Production quality

    MainChain certifies that a given design, combined with the construction process and machine settings, are those defined by the original designer, which guarantees production quality.

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