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FED 2023: Finalist in the Jayat competition, partnerships signed, exhibition space…

FED and JAYAT competition

On 4 & 5 October 2023 we took part in the FED, Forum des Entreprises de la Défense, where we presented our offerings, and in particular Mobile Clinics, our solution which was selected for the final of the Jayat 2023 competition.

At FED 2021, we presented MainChain at the Jayat competition.

2 years later, and winner of the 17th edition, this year we had the honour of presenting our Mobile Clinics: modular and transportable production units for producing as close as possible and repairing as quickly as possible.

We were also there with our partners Cosmyx and Dagoma, manufacturers of 3D printers, and BTRD3D, a specialist in digital twins, to demonstrate how we complement each other.

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Vistory joins SIMMT's network of industrial partners

During the FED, we were extremely proud to join the network of industrial partners of the SIMMT – Structure Intégrée du Maintien en Condition opérationnelle des Matériels Terrestres.

The Central Director of the SIMMT, Lieutenant General Christian Jouslin de Noray, signed a partnership charter with Vistory.

The signing of this partnership is significant for Vistory and will enable us to become more closely involved in the defence sector.

Obsam and Vistory sign partnership agreement

FED 2023 saw the CEOs of Obsam and Vistory formalise their partnership.

As experts in obsolescence monitoring, Obsam will enable Vistory to provide its customers with a tried and tested solution to their problems. At the same time, Vistory’s know-how will enable Obsam to offer new obsolescence treatment solutions, in particular via 3D printing.

Our two companies have many points in common, including recognition and legitimacy in the defence sector, high standards of customer service and support, and a constant ambition to provide solutions for our customers.

This is the official start of a collaboration that will provide maintainers with an effective and lasting response to obsolescence issues!

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How can blockchain be used in the defence sector?

Vistory also presented its expertise at a conference dedicated to this subject.

Managing and securing production data is an absolute priority. MainChain, our  solution, offers an appropriate response to these challenges.

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