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Secured all in one solution for drone production and maintenance

Mobile Clinics Drone Cover

Mobile Clinics,
an all inclusive turnkey solution for drone industry

Complete production unit for drones and spare parts

Production and supply resources for a complete, secure service

Securised command & control system to protect your IP

Secure your industrial property to offer new customer services

Projectable anywhere in the world

Getting close to your market or answer any customer needs in less than 3 months

Global management interface for total autonomy

Centralised supply, technical support, design service and training on a single interface

01. A new service to set you apart

Offer your customers autonomy while maintaining control of your assets. Reduce maintenance time and simplify operations to meet your customers’ needs. 

02. Produce & repair anywhere, at anytime

Install your productions units close to your market and make it operationnal in less than 3 months. Answer to sovereignty and relocation challenges.

03. Multiply and control your assets value

Control and invoice your customers’ use of your assets to produce spare parts. Develop passive recurring revenues (consumables, materials, training, engineering services, etc.) with ease.



Production and maintenance of UAV fleets

Speed, safety, autonomy, security


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Mobile Clinics

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