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The Land army is decentralizing the spare parts production thanks to the 1st Blockchain in overseas operation.

With MainChain, the French Army is transforming the way it maintains its land equipment and decentralises the manufacture of spare parts for overseas operations while preserving data integrity.

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Strategic Research Foundation - 3D printing development in the Armies : a breakthrough innovation

The SIMMT has initiated a blockchain, which principle is to establish a trust and secure relation between 3D stakeholders, from industrials to users.
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Mars Attaque - 3D printing within the armies

Are succeeding in guarenteeing integrity and conformity of plans produced using 3d printing or securing an economic model of additive manufacturing between intellectual property holder industrials and printed items producers technological and procedural locks on the way to be lifted?
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A3DM - Interview of Alexandre Pédemonte, Vistory CEO

One of the benefits of 3D printing is distributed production, production nearby the place where the item will be used. However, the drawback is the industrial doesn’t control its industrial property.
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3DPMN - MainChain unites local users with global supply chain by protecting industrial property

Mainchain, a blockchain protocol developed by Vistory, ties users interested in a single 3D-printed object together because each users’ interest vests in the industrial property (“IP”) that constitutes the object.
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