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MainChain Digital Warehouse

Control digital supply chain risks of the distributed production

MainChain protects the manufacturing data confidentiality and integrity of the manufacturing data by providing industrial property protection and operation’s traceability.


Connect the ecosystem and create trust

MainChain bridges all the supplychain’s stakeholders - OEM, design offices, marketplace, printer manufacturers, service bureaus and end customers - thanks to an unique tool to secure shared digital data.

Protect industrial property and certify compliance

MainChain exploits private blockchain capacities to ensure data integrity (industrial property) and to certify the compliance of manufacturing processes and methods throughout the production process.

Ensure traceability

MainChain ensures data integrity through operations' traceability and offers control over the risks of liability and guarantee commitments of the Industrial Project Manager (MOI).

Bring out new Business Model

Thanks to process automation, MainChain creates new business opportunities (industrial property monetization, generation of new revenue, and spare parts production on site and on demand).

Get started distributed additive manufacturing

Methodology for supporting the adoption of additive manufacturing
1. Qualification

Determines the feasibility and ROI of additive manufacturing parts

2. Digital warehouse

Enable distribution and monetization of qualified parts

3. Production

Manufacturing parts whose industrial property and printers belong to the customer

4. Diversification

Production extension to OEM's parts.

5. Scaling up

Integration with purchasing processes, ERP and industrial information systems

A worldwide opportunity

The Covid-19 crisis has disrupted global supply chain’s organization, requiring their transformation to make them more resilient, adaptable and sustainable. Additive manufacturing technologies have demonstrated their potential but raise the issue of digital trust, with the protection of industrial property, confidentiality and trade secret. This is where we come in!


Supply Chain

Reduce dependence on foreign suppliers and avoid supply chain breakdowns


Manufacture of spare parts for repairs

Carbon footprint

Produced on demand as close as possible to the need

Ready to get started?

Find out how MainChain can enable you to enjoy all the benefits of distributed production safely.

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